It all started when…

Aubrieana Morrissey found yoga in high school. She started with Bikram yoga because she was told it would help with endurance and strength for cheerleading. She quickly started to realize the other benefits such as helping alleviate the arthritis pain in her ankles from multiple surgeries to correct the clubfoot syndrome she was born with. 

As she continued to practice yoga, she started attending COCC and OSU for Psychology and Early Childhood Education in her home town in Bend, OR. She witnessed the positive impact yoga provided the children when a yoga teacher came to visit the preschool where her field placement was and that had sparked her interest in the other benefits within the psychological world and she decided to become certified to teach.

Aubrieana has received her 200 RYT for Hatha Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra  from Yoga Indigo lead by Jeannie Laslo Douglas in 2015.